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Over the past 82 years God has given Child Evangelism Fellowship a number of unique ministries which have proven to be effective tools in our effort to evangelize and disciple children.

Club Ministries

God continues to use CEF club ministries around the world. In 2019, CEF reached over 26 million children worldwide. Our Good News Clubs, meet weekly during the school year, With our 2001 Supreme Court victory, Good News Clubs take place in public schools across the nation as an after-school program. Our summer 5-Day Club takes place over the course of a week, offering a unique opportunity for children to interact with teenagers who receive training in the Christian Youth In Action program. Our Outreach Opportunities are growing and mobilizing around the calendar to reach boys and girls with the Gospel in a 1-hour Gospel outreach. In 2020, we are launching Reach Every School as a comprehensive misisonal pathway for broader outreach in school zones across the North Texas. Our local vision is Every Child | Every School | Every Day!


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