Here’s an opportunity to reach the children in your community no matter how heavy your schedule is! The program will draw in even the most hard-to-reach child.

To help kids hear the message of salvation, a Party Club combines the elements of a Good News Club® in a party setting. It can be held once a month, several times a year, or only once a year anywhere children are.

When are Party Clubs Held?

As a one-time event for kids, Party Clubs can be scheduled any time of the year. At CEF Dallas we schedule Party Clubs to be hosted at: 

  • Valentine’s Day 
  • Easter 
  • Summer 
  • Fall 
  • Christmas

Why plan a PARTY CLUB for children:

  • EVERYONE: You are concerned about the terrible things happening to children and want to have a positive impact.
  • VOLUNTEERS You’ve always wanted to begin a Good News Club® for your own children and their friends, but your time has not permitted a weekly commitment.
  • CHURCHES Your church is involved in a extensive outreach program in church-family neighborhoods, and desire to bring the Good News into your community.
  • OUTREACH MINISTRIES: You’d like to hold a party club in several different neighborhoods to reach as many children as possible, as part of your ministry.
  • DAYCARE OPERATORS: You provide Day Care at your facility and are concerned for the spiritual development of the children in your care.

What CEF Dallas provide for your Party Club:

  • training, resources, and curriculum.
  • neighborhood mapping.
  • work with you to schedule a date and time.
  • a trained volunteers* to come to your location.

* All CEF Dallas volunteers are background checked.



Valentine’s Part Club training is scheduled for January 27th. 



The Ice Cream MESSage

Boys and girls will enjoy this ice cream themed party as they play games, sing songs, and learn from God’s Word. Children will relate to this fictional story of a boy who struggles with peer pressure. Diego provides an example of Christian living as he remembers God’s Word, asks for God’s help, and does the right thing. 

Dinosaur Tracks

Kids love dinosaurs! Sadly, dinosaurs are used extensively as evidence or even “proof” that God’s Word is unreliable and outdated. But dinosaurs are remarkable evidence that God knows everything and we can trust His Word.Use this lesson to help children understand that they can fully trust God’s Word and respond to His love by believing in His Son as their Savior.  Party helps for a “Dino Party” include snack and craft ideas, reproducibles and Dino games (Stegosaurus Stomp, Velociraptor Relay, Tricky Triceratops Toss and more!)


Bring a Party Club to your location or host a Party Club.