Leadership Committee:

  • Chair Open
  • Steve Pritschow, Secretary
  • Dan McCann, Treasurer
  • Paul Kramer
  • Sherry McPherson
  • Morris Whittiis
  • Bill Senkel 
  • Mark Phanco
  • Warren Vincent
  • Neil Leary

Advisory Council:

  • Walt Waldie – Council Chair
  • Mark Alexander
  • Dr. Mark Brown
  • Bruce Fogerty
  • Karol Ladd
  • Ann Lovett
  • Josh Ridker
  • Don Spak
  • Ken Tse
  • Mike Tirone


  • Brian Considine, Director
  • Warren Bird, Ambassador
  • Susan Moore, Ministry Coordinator
  • Lori Jennings, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Celia Kopenhaver, Office Manager, Trainer
  • Cinnamon Dilts, Communications
  • Grace Kim, Asian Ministry Coordinator
  • Angela Carrillo, Hispanic Ministry Coordinator


Leadership is influence and we invite you to join our Leadership Team in one of 3 capacities. We need your influence to help shape and guide the mission of CEF Dallas. You can join us as: 

Leadership Commitee – Our Leadership Committee provides strategic development, accountability and overall governance for CEF Dallas. The Leadership Commitee meets 9 times per year (August to November, January to May) with the Director for prayer, review, and counsel.  To learn more about joining our Leadership Committee download the Board and Committee Overview 2023.  

Advisory Council – Our Advisory Council is a new forming leadership team of individuals who lend their influence to help promote and encourage involvement in the mission of CEF Dallas. Advisory Council members meet twice annually with the Leadership Committee To learn more about joining our Advisory Council download the CEF Dallas Advisory Council – 03-2023

Join Our Staff – Volunteer staff positions, serving as an Area Coordinator, are immediately available for those called to serve the LORD as local missionaries in your communty. Occassionally paid staff positions are also available. Please email [email protected] to let us know of your interest in joining our team.

Volunteer: CEF Dallas always welcome volunteers who want to serve the LORD by volunteering to lead a Good News Club or Party Club. Please visit our Volunteer page, complete the New Volunteer form, and our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you. We will train you to reach the children near you for Christ. 


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