The subject line read, “THERE ARE NO WORDS!”

But we’re thankful this Club Leader found a few words to share with us.

“God gave us the best day we’ve ever had in Good News Club since COVID. Twenty-seven beautiful children showed up and heard about our Redeemer! They were all well behaved and were like sponges as they heard the miracles of Jesus. It was gripping to see how many didn’t know Jesus or why we celebrated Christmas. BUT NOW THEY KNOW!

Satan fought with everything in him as three of our workers were out due to illness. But because you stormed the gates of Heaven, Satan had no foothold!!!! Thank you and please keep praying. The stats tell us we will have even more next Monday and taper off on the third Monday. But we are praying to defy the stats and have 60 children by year end.


“Pray for energy and stamina for the workers

“Pray that God will bind Satan so these children can get to know Him

“Pray protection over our workers and faithfulness to come and work

“Pray for a harvest of souls and for more children to hear the Good News

“Pray, pray, pray

“Thank you for your support. I love you in the Lord and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through us!”

This message was from the very first week of club. Our team at CEF Dallas continues to pray for this club — and every club — and we are seeing continued growth and increased interest in Good News Clubs, but more importantly, in the Gospel.

Even when Leaders are out sick.

Even when the statistics show this generation is unchurched and uninterested in the Gospel.

When God’s people pray, God moves.

When the Gospel is presented, it impacts hearts and lives.

What club are you praying for? What club are you participating in? Where can you start a club? God is calling us into the battle to fight alongside Him for the hearts and minds of today’s children. Are you in? Let’s battle together.

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