It started with an Ice Cream Party Club in July, and it just keeps getting better. Who knew anything would be better than ice cream?


The children at Lionheart Celina at FBC Celina had fun when CEF brought them an Ice Cream Party Club in July. They enjoyed the songs, the games, the stories, and the ice cream! Do you know how easy it is to share the gospel using ice cream and toppings? It’s a lot like the Wordless Book, but it’s a cool, tasty treat on a hot summer day!

After enjoying their sundaes, 16 kids expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. 

The CEF team spent time ministering the gospel further to these children, helping them pray and giving them gospel-centered devotional booklets. Good seeds were planted and over time Lionheart staff became confident that six of these children truly made professions of faith in Christ!



In August, our CEF team went back to Celina where we are now ministering weekly through an after-school Good News Club. This weekly club allows for deeper teaching and creates more opportunities for children to hear the Good News of Jesus. As the semester continues, we anticipate more children will come to saving faith in Jesus.

Connecting kids to a local church… 

Lionheart staff contacted the children’s parents to let them know about their child’s decision and invited them to the New Christian’s class for kids at the church. They were very receptive. The first church connection already occurred when a mother enrolled all of her school-aged kids in the class! One of her kids wasn’t among the children who made decisions at the Ice Cream Party Club. His mom said he has been asking questions and this phone call was the nudge she needed to get him and his siblings connected to church through this class.

Parents are being reached by the testimony of their children…

The Lionheart staff shared with one mom about her daughter’s decision to follow Jesus. Mom talked with her girl, and she recognized that her daughter made a real commitment. Not only is mom signing her up for the New Christian’s class that the children’s minister at First Celina teaches to kids and their parents, but mom has never been baptized so they are going to be baptized together! What a gift for this mother and daughter to share in that step of obedience. What a gift that we got to be part of what God used to set things in motion! 

And children are growing in ways that we can see…

When a child was misbehaving last month, a Lionheart staff member shared with him that this school believes in God, Jesus, and the Bible. They talked about how those beliefs should impact his behavior. The boy replied, “I believe in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny….” Recently, though, his behavior began to improve. On the daycare bus just this week, he was talking about how much he loves God. And when another child was teasing him, he quietly bowed his head and started praying. 

So what’s better than ice cream? Well, Jesus, of course, but also CEF’s mission of evangelizing, discipling, and connecting kids to local churches. And best of all is seeing this mission play out, in real lives, in real kids, in real families, and in real change as they begin real relationships with Jesus. Ice cream is sweet, but knowing we played a part in all of this, that God was gracious to use us when we were willing to step into His plan, is even sweeter.

How are you allowing God to use you today? Will you partner with us? Are you ready to volunteer your time or to give financially? We’re ready to have you join us!

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