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Child Evangelism Fellowship is a self-supporting ministry that assists churches to achieve their vision for local outreach.  CEF Dallas works with local churches to reach the generation that is most open to the Gospel – children.  With CEF assistance and training, a few volunteers in your church could reach neighborhood children in schools, daycares, apartments, community centers, parks, etc.  CEF curriculum can be used to establish Seasonal Party Clubs or ongoing Good News Clubs  that would be a ministry of your church. To locate where a club could be held, zoom in on the map below, locate your church, and explore the daycare and school options nearby. When you find a suitable site (or sites) to host a club, CEF staff can assist in developing clubs and provide ongoing support to reach lost and unchurched children and their families. Just complete the form below and we’ll contact you to help you get started.
Party Clubs
A Party Club provides the perfect opportunity to share the message of salvation with kids. Party Clubs can be held one to several times a year anywhere children are located such as schools, daycares and community centers. Party Clubs can also be incorporated into existing church programs like Sunday School. Learn more here.
Good News Club
Good News Club®  mobilizes trained volunteers from local churches to meet with children in schools, community centers, apartments, daycares, churches, and online. Parents give their children permission to participate in a Good News Club. Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel, an opportunity for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior, Scripture memorization, songs, and fun activities! Learn more.

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To help kids hear the message of salvation, a Party Club provides the perfect opportunity. It can be held once a month, several times a year, or just once a year anywhere children are. It can be incorporated into an existing program such as a Sunday School class, a daycare schedule, or just about any time. Learn more here


Good News Club ®  mobilize and train volunteers from local bible-believing churches to meet with children in schools, as well as community centers, homes, churches, and even online These students have been given parent’s permission to attend. Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior. Learn more.