April Greetings Friends, 

We hope that your Resurrection Sunday and the celebration of our risen Savior was a wonderful time with family and friends. He is Risen indeed!

How was your Easter Service? My home church was packed. More people go to church on Easter Sunday, but do they come to know Jesus? Most young parents don’t even attend church, so neither do their children. Therefore, many more children aren’t coming to know Jesus.

At CEF Dallas, we are working to change this. Through our Easter Parties our teams met many children who had no idea what Easter is really about, nor who Jesus is for them. Praise our Risen LORD, several hundred heard the story of the Resurrection, and a dozen children made decisions for Jesus. But we must do More in ’24!

Easter is not just about the amazing truth of what was accomplished at Calvary or the empty tomb. Easter is a catalytic event — the launch of the worldwide Christian movement to make disciples of every nation. Easter initiated the largest leadership movement in history, through the Apostles sent to make disciples. We are each called to “imitate their faith.”

Dr. Billy Graham said, “It was the resurrection of Christ that caused the disciples to go out as burning young revolutionaries to change the world of their day. They preached that Christ was alive. This should be our message, not only at Easter but every day of the year.”

To reach more children in North Texas, more equipped leaders are needed. Leaders influence others to accomplish a purpose. In Christ, we are called to be a witness, to influence others, so they too may know and follow our Risen Savior. As you are reading this email, I know that you want to see more children come to faith in Jesus and be influenced to live for God.

Jesus calls each of us to be leaders, to influence others. My question is, how are you using your time, talent, and treasure for that purpose? We need your leadership on our team! We need many more leaders if many more children are to come to the saving knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ. 

Here’s a few ways you can let us know you are ready to lead and do More in ’24! 

  1. Lead in Outreach – register for our Summer Ice Cream Party training on May 10th – register below.
  2. Lead a Good News Club – get equipped this August through Teaching Children Effectively I – more information coming soon. 
  3. Lead in Giving – help us reach more Hispanic children through your Easter Offering – donate here
  4. Lead with Counsel – our Advisory Council is a place to share your leadership wisdom – email me. 

In Christ we have His resurrection power to win more, to equip more, and to lead more. Reaching more children only happens through multiplying leaders. We need more leaders to join us in our mission to Reach Every Child with the Good News. We need you! Together, let’s do More in ’24!

If you are a volunteer or want to volunteer, please save the date of May 30, and plan to join us for our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch. Registration opens April 15. Looking forward to seeing you there!

In Christ for the Children!

Brian Considine 

Director – CEF Dallas

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