March Greetings!

At CEF Dallas, we have been praying for you and we hope this email finds you well. Hope you enjoyed the four seasons in North Texas last week. Who’s ready for spring?

February was another busy month for our team. Our battle cry for the year is ‘More in ’24.” Our February included four impactful events starting with Empowered Parenting on the 17th. The LORD blessed our event with a surprise visit from Kirk Cameron. Our featured speaker, Karol Ladd brought a wonderful teaching for the parents and grandparents. 

We prepared for Easter Party Club season with a training for 22 volunteers. It’s not too late to get involved in bringing the Resurrection message to the children in your community or church. We also held a Spanish Training with nine volunteers in attendance. We wrapped up the month with our Pastors Breakfast on the 29th. As we reflect on last month, we praise God as he is answering our prayers for ‘More in ’24.’ But there’s much more to do! 

The need to reach the children of our communities remains urgent. Kirk announced a new TV program for children called “The Adventures of Iggy and Mr. Kirk” to address the cultural issues of our day. Kirk came to us through the ministry of Brave Books which produces a wonderful book series for children. And Karol Ladd is leading a new initiative called Engage – Positive Parenting Initiative. Of course, they are not alone in engaging children and parents. 

CEF Is engaging young families online with our new UNite Kids app and UNite digital programming Our Club ministry continues to build and hundreds of children will hear the Gospel through Easter Party Clubs. The harvest is indeed plentiful and there are opportunities everywhere. 

We all know the need, we know we’re called to GO but the question is: “what am I, (your name), willing to do to about it?” We’re here to help you answer that question. Let’s do ‘More in ’24’ together! 

Have a most blessed Easter with your family!

In Christ for the children, 

Brian Considine

Director – CEF Dallas 

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