From time to time we receive amazing stories of God’s work in the lives of the children at our local Good News Clubs. When we do, we do our best to share them with you as primary sources, first person accounts from those who were actually there, rather than re-writing the testimony. 

Rejoice with us over this first person testimonial from McGowen Elementary Good News Club Leader Tricia Wilson, edited only for clarity. 

Many of our McGowen volunteers know Kai. He has been with us for a few years, and his little brother, Shin, joined us last week. 

When their mother signed them up, she let me know that they were coming at Christmas. She also said they are moving to Japan and will not be involved this year. She always walks to pick Kai up  because they live right next to the school, so I have seen her each week, every year. I always tell her hello or comment on what a great young man Kai is. 

Both boys are incredibly sweet. One of our team members, Cindy, only had a few second graders last week, so she got to really talk with them and ask them questions. That’s how she learned from Shin that the family doesn’t attend church

Well, naturally, I thought we’ve got to visit them before they move to Japan. 

I reached out to Yumie, their mom, and she told me they are moving before the end of the month. Cindy and I went to the boys’ home. 

Cindy entertained the boys and chatted with them about some books and gifts we brought while I talked with Yumie. There was quite a language barrier as she does not speak English fluently and had a difficult time understanding me. 

I asked her if she preferred reading to conversing, and she said yes. I gave her a new Believers Bible and  talked with her about the book of John and about the claims Jesus made about Himself. I asked if they went to church. She put her hand over her mouth and kind of giggled and said “No.” 

So then I went into the Gospel with her, drawing a picture of the bridge illustration, and about halfway through, she said, “I’ve seen this before!” 

I asked her where she had seen this, and she said Kai showed it to her! ❤️ We were not in a situation where I could lead her to make a decision — especially with the language barrier — but I believe Kai gets it. He made a decision last year in December. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing if this family moved back home to Japan, and they began sharing the Gospel with their friends and family?!

All of those Friday afternoons, game time, memory verses, trying to keep kids listening during the story, small group time, etc., make a difference. We don’t know the people who are coming to us, but God knows! He is drawing people to Himself, and He uses us at a neighborhood elementary school— and may even use a nine-year-old to take the Gospel to Japan!❤️

At CEF Dallas we’re asking you to join us in thanking God for His grace and mercy in Kai’s life, in his family, and in allowing the GNC team to get a glimpse of the difference Clubs make! And pray with us that Kai will grow in his faith and knowledge of Jesus, that his mother and brother would follow, and that the Lord would use him in a mighty way in Japan. We may not know this side of Heaven how those prayers are answered, but we know God is faithful, We know He began this work in Kai’s heart, and we know He will complete it. 

And let this story be an encouragement to all of us. As we labor in planning, preparing, and presenting the GNC material each week, know that the seeds we are planting are growing in the hearts of the kids in local clubs.