Happy September Friends, 

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

We pray this email finds you well and in good health. Hope your summer has been blessed by God with good working air conditioning. As we head into the cooler and busier months of fall, I have some good news and bad news to share with you this month. 


August was a busy month of training and preparation for the school year ahead. We started the month with 13 new Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 students. TCE 1 met every Saturday in August, both online and in-person. We are grateful to Providence Church for hosting this training. Many thanks to Celia Kopenhaver for coordinating the class, for our Instructors who taught the lessons, and our team for their support. We also conducted a Quick Start training for 18 volunteers as they prepared for Good News Club season and wrapped up the month with a Back To School event with 25 volunteers attending. Please pray with us that the Good News reaches many children this school year through these newly equipped Gospel workers.


August 1 also saw me land in the hospital for the fifth time since February 1, 2022. Some may know something of my personal story and my long cancer battle. The recent hospital stays are the result of a 2007 bowel and tumor resection that cause bowel obstruction. When I was hospitalized in August 2022, they found a new tumor suspected to be a return of the cancer I have dealt with for 16 years. This past month, they discovered that the tumor had grown, so a more aggressive treatment plan is being recommended by my care team. Tuesday, September 5, I am scheduled for an MRI to be followed by surgery in the coming weeks. Debbie and I appreciate your prayers as we continue in this battle. 


Our team is excited about the opportunities before us this fall to bring the Good News to more children. Good News Clubs are getting restarted with new ones planning and preparing. And, we’re ramping up for the Christmas Party Club season with a goal of 100 locations that will reach more than 2,500 children, the LORD willing. In order to accomplish this goal, we need more trained volunteers to step up and lead. To help you prepare, Christmas Party Club training is planned for October 6, so register now

North Texas Giving Day is September 21! Our goal is to raise $30,000 this month. We are thankful to have a generous $15,000 matching grant, so every dollar you give will be doubled. No gift is too small. Early giving is open so please click the link below to help us reach our goal. Your generous gift will help us to finish the year strong and accelerate into 2024 with bigger plans to reach even more children with the Good News! Click here to donate now

Please ask the LORD how he might use you this coming school year in the Battle For Today’s Child, and change the future for more children. There is a bigger part for each of us to play in God’s rescue mission for this generation. Your leadership is needed as the LORD directs your steps. 

In Christ for the children!

Brian Considine 

Director – CEF Dallas

PS. We have two important staff roles available:  Office Administrator and Communications Coordinator. If you are interested or know anyone who might be looking for a part-time position, please have them email me their resume.