Welcome to February! We hope your 2023 is off to a great start and January brought you blessings and opportunities for sharing the hope we have in Jesus!

At CEF Dallas we kicked off the year on January 21, with “The Battle for Today’s Child.” More than 100 adults participated in this equipping time, plus 24 kiddos in our Children’s Program. Of those who registered, 68% were new to CEF and 65 churches were represented. Lindsey Medenwaldt, of Mama Bear Apologetics, did an excellent job of bringing to our attention how we must “fight” this battle through “gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15). It was a great way to start the year!

Lindsey also talked about the legacy of faith we are leaving our children. One of the things I love about CEF is the legacy of so many who came to faith through club ministry as a child and decades later are now building a legacy into this generation of children. One of our guests told me that she had come to faith as a child at a Dallas-area Good News Club, and here she was a few decades later getting equipped for the battle for today’s child.

The battle for today’s child is like that of no prior generation. This is our first post-Christian generation born in the U.S.A. Gen Alpha (born after 2010) doesn’t know God, many don’t even know the name Jesus, and only a very small percentage are in church regularly. At our kickoff event, we discussed how our children face more difficult challenges than previous generations. It’s clear that the “enemy” is after our kids and is winning the battle. That’s why every one of us is needed in the battle for today’s child!

We know the battle belongs to the LORD, and that Jesus has already secured the victory, but God deploys us for the battle. We must fight for the hearts and souls of our children. Thankfully, many of you are already engaged in the battle through your involvement in a Good News Club or Party Clubs, your prayers, and your financial support. We are grateful for you!

But perhaps you’re not yet in the battle? It’s time to suit up, put on the full armor, and take up your sword. There are many opportunities on the frontlines: whether it is teaching your own children or grandchildren a Biblical worldview, taking an active role in your church’s children’s ministry, or volunteering with us at CEF Dallas. You’re needed in The Battle for Today’s Child.

A new Probe Ministry survey brings to light the urgency of the battle. Probe finds a “sizable drop-off” in those who affirm essential doctrines of the faith, among Millennials (30-39) and older Gen Z (18-29). They report, “over this last decade (2010 to 2020), among Born Again Christians, a basic biblical worldview and understanding of Jesus is decreasing while pluralism is increasing…. In 2020 for those ages 18 through 39, (only) one of four Born Again Christians…” affirm foundational Christian beliefs.

In spite of the battle we face, there is still good news. According to another new study from Barna , 73% of Gen Z (born after 1995) are open to growing spiritually. They have been dubbed the ‘Open Generation.’ This is a sign of hope that the tide can be turned, the battle can be won. The battle plan is to provide more opportunities for children and teens to learn and grow in their spiritual lives. And that’s our mission at CEF: To evangelize children, disciples them in the Word, and connect them with a local church.

Every able-bodied “soldier of Christ” (2 Timothy 2:3) is needed. If you’re ready to join the Battle for Today’s Child click here and let us know how you want to enlist. We’ll be sharing more about the Battle for Today’s Child as we move into 2023. Time is of the essence to reach this newest generation for Christ!