Understanding Little Kids

Basic Bible Truths for Little kids

Me, A Teacher of Little Kids?

Literature Survey

Lesson Demonstration

Teaching Memory Verses to Little Kids

Making Your Class Personal

Building Self-Worth

Creative Review

Classroom Management

Rhythm, Rhyme and a Solo

Prayer and Little Kids

Starting a Good News Club

What a Character!

Finger Plays and Action Rhymes

Puppets and Little Kids

Puppet Workshop

Learning Centers

Team Planning

Course Considerations

Little children are everywhere—in playgrounds, parks, shopping centers, high-rise apartments, housing projects, churches, day cares, homes and preschools. Authorities tell us that the early years are the most important ones in a child’s life. By the age of five or six a youngster’s intellectual development is half over, therefore, teaching Bible to young children has the potential of laying very important spiritual and intellectual foundations. It is important to begin to instill spiritual truth in the lives of young children. Amy Carmichael was three years of age when she trusted Christ as Savior. James Dobson was three. Corrie ten Boom was five. Many young children can and do trust Christ during the early years. Teaching Little Kids, a 30-hour course, is being offered to equip Christians to take God’s Word to young children during their most receptive years. The course gives characteristics of little kids (ages three to seven) and practical helps for ministering God’s Word to them on their level. The student will learn how to effectively share the message of salvation on a young child’s level so children can understand and have opportunity to receive Christ as Savior. In Teaching Little Kids attention is focused on practical hands-on experience and training, thus enabling the students to initiate an ongoing Good News Club for little kids.


1. To equip students to teach the Word of God in language that young children can understand, giving them an opportunity to receive Christ as Savior.

2. To provide practical ideas for effective ministry to little kids.


A tuition fee of $200.00 is charged for the course. The cost of materials and lunch are included. 


1st Baptist of Plano

Starts Saturday, July 30th, 2022

August 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th