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A demographic study of our CEF Dallas chapter region indicates there are at least 1 million pre-K to 5th grade children in our chapter region.

Recent studies indicate on average, only 2% of children understand who Jesus is.

That’s just 20,000 children out of the million we aim to serve.

How can we reach the rest?

We can start in prayer.

Here’s a simple idea:

If we mobilize 1,000 pray-ers to pray just 3 minutes a day, that’s more than 1 million minutes of prayer each year for our 1 million kids.

Would you commit to just 3 minutes of prayer each day for the children in our chapter region?

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To help kids hear the message of salvation, a Party Club provides the perfect opportunity. It can be held once a month, several times a year, or just once a year anywhere children are. It can be incorporated into an existing program such as a Sunday School class, a daycare schedule, or just about any time. Learn more here


Good News Club ®  mobilize and train volunteers from local bible-believing churches to meet with children in schools, as well as community centers, homes, churches, and even online These students have been given parent’s permission to attend. Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior. Learn more.