In October 2022, CEF Dallas launched an exciting new initiative with pir first Good News Rally, which was held in East Plano.

In the months leading up to Rally Day, resources were poured into this under-served community to build relationships with the families who live and work there.

On October 29, the Good News Rally saw families come together for a fun, entertaining, and informative time for children. The Gospel was shared, bicycles and toys were given away, and the families that came were blessed.

The Good News Rally is our new strategy to reach many unchurched children. Parents who don’t take their children to church will attend a Good News Rally.

Our vision is to take this one-time evangelistic event into every community in North Texas.

We invite you to bring a Good News Rally to your community!


Why Bring a Good News Rally to Your Community?

We live in a Post-Christian society, even right here in North Texas, and the vast majority of people aren’t attending church regularly, if at all. Millenials, the generation raising young childrne, have left the church. It is estimated that 90% of children, Generation Z, will never see the inside of a church during their childhood. BUT parents are interested in community events for their young families. They also open to instilling in their children some spiritual knowledge. The Good News Rally bring a fun family-oriented event to the community.

What is a Good News Rally?

A fun interactive 1.5 hour Gospel event for young families with children under 12 years old. A Good News Rally is designed for elementary age children.

When can we schedule a Good News Rally?

A Good News Rally can be planned for any time of the year. Planning requires 6 to 9 months.

Where is a Good News Rally held?

A Good News Rally can be held anywhere that a large group of children and their families can gather. The goal is 200 children plus parents so space for up to 400 is needed. A gymnasium, community center, or catering facility are ideal. We recommend use of a public non-church facility.

What are the costs of a Good News Rally?

Costs vary for a Good News Rally dependent on what is included such as rental fees. CEF Dallas is committed to assist with the costs of the Rally through supplying Gospel materials for all children. Other direct costs are for gifts, prizes and snacks which can be donated from local businesses. CEF Dallas also helps with local promotion costs.

How do we host a Good News Rally?

Our team will work with you and your team to plan and execute your Good News Rally. Begin the process by contacting our office for more information. Call us today at 972-941-4423 or via email at [email protected]